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State trooper injured in collision, car catches fire

When traveling on New Jersey roadways, traffic is frequently backed up due to delays or heavy volume. Often times, these cramped conditions lead to unsafe driving conditions, and drivers may be forced to make split-second decisions, possibly resulting in accidents.

Melrose Place actress charged in death of Somerville woman

Alcohol often plays a part in auto accidents that result in serious injuries or even death. Driver intoxication may be used to establish negligence in the case of a car crash, allowing victims to seek compensation for injuries and other damages through a personal injury or wrongful death claim. It will be interesting to see if that is the result of the following recent case.

Sentence delivered in fatal DUI auto accident

Drivers on the state's roadways must always take care when making a turn into a major roadway, looking out for smaller cars, motorcycles as they do so. Drivers in New Jersey are also responsible for ensuring that plenty of room exists before turning, but drivers who are under the influence of alcohol often misjudge distances and speed. Such impaired judgment can easily lead to an auto accident that may result in severe injuries and even the death of others on the roadway.

3 injured in Jefferson car accident

A two-car crash in Jefferson on Sept. 27 resulted in injuries to three people. One 21-year-old woman from East Hanover reportedly sustained serious injuries during the accident, although the injuries are not considered life-threatening. A father and daughter also received injuries in the car accident.