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Skull fractures in New Jersey accidents

Many people are injured in accidents each year. Some people who are injured receive skull fractures. There are several different ways skull fractures can occur, including while playing sports or during motor vehicle and bicycle accidents. All skull fractures result from some type of blunt force to the head that is significant enough to cause the bone to break.

Motorcycle crash statistics

Every year in New Jersey, many motorcyclists are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Of those, many people suffer injuries, and some lose their lives. The problem exists not just within the state, but across the country as demonstrated by a statistical study compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2012.

$2-million verdict handed down in fatal New Jersey accident

Following a trial, jurors in Newark returned with a $2 million verdict in a case involving two truck drivers and a man driving a motorcycle. In 2011, the man was following his brother-in-law on Route 287 in Bridgewater. The truck drivers crossed into the center lane in front of the brother-in-law, cutting him off and forcing him to slam on his brakes.

Walmart responds to Tracy Morgan's lawsuit

According to court documents, Walmart claims Tracy Morgan, an actor and comedian who suffered critical injuries in a June accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, is in large part to blame for the injuries he suffered during the incident, which involved a semi-truck belonging to the big box retailer. In response to a personal injury lawsuit filed by Morgan in July, Walmart recently filed documents stating that neither Morgan nor the other passengers in Morgan's limo bus were wearing seat belts at the time of the incident.