November 2014 Archives

Brothers seriously injured in hit-and-run pedestrian crash

Authorities with the Hudson County Sheriff's Department reported that a hit-and-run pedestrian crash involving two brothers on Nov. 14, seriously injuring both in North Bergen. According to reports, the two brothers, ages 11 and 20, were walking on a sidewalk along Kennedy Boulevard when the collision occurred around 9:50 p.m.

Impaired driving in New Jersey

When people think of driving under the influence in New Jersey, most think only about alcohol. Impaired driving, however, also includes people who drive while under the influence of drugs. Drugs that can impair driving include both illegal ones as well as certain legally prescribed and over the counter medications.

What hours of service rules mean for truckers and other drivers

It's highly unlikely that anyone driving down a highway or interstate won't come across a large commercial truck in their commute. In fact, these tractor-trailers make up 4 percent of all vehicles that are legally registered on America's highways. Some unlucky New Jersey drivers may learn the hard way, though, that these trucks actually cause 8 percent of all fatal highway accidents. Hours of service rules are meant to minimize the potentiality for such accidents.