2 people die in a New Jersey highway accident

A two-car collision in Hopewell Township resulted in two deaths and several injuries early on March 7. The incident occurred on a central New Jersey highway near Route 518. Each vehicle was occupied by a driver and at least one passenger when the accident occurred, said reports. Authorities had not yet indicated the cause of the accident, though the investigation was ongoing.

It was reported that a 21-year-old male and two passengers had been traveling south on Route 31 just prior to the accident. The other vehicle, occupied by a 28-year-old male and a 27-year-old female, had been driving north on Route 31. The collision resulted in the front and rear passengers of the southbound car being fatally injured. The front-seat passenger was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, according to reports, whereas the rear-seat passenger was transported to a hospital and died shortly thereafter. The driver of the southbound vehicle and the two occupants of the northbound vehicle reportedly suffered injuries in the collision. They were taken to nearby hospitals to receive medical attention and treatment.

In many cases, the investigation of an auto accident will uncover details that indicate that some degree of negligence played a role in the incident. Drivers have a legal obligation to practice care when driving. When a breach of this duty occurs, such as by texting and driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol, and an accident occurs, the driver may be liable for any damages that resulted from such negligent or reckless driving.

The victim of a car accident could incur medical costs, lost wages or emotional pain and suffering. An experienced attorney could examine documents regarding the accident and indicate if seeking compensation is warranted.

Source: Lancaster Online, "2 killed, 3 hurt when 2 cars collide on New Jersey roadway," Associated Press, March 7, 2015

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