Driver inattention blamed for Route 80 truck crash

The New Jersey State Police have reported that driver inattention was the likely cause of a March 13 accident involving a car-carrier that left two motorists injured. The crash occurred at 11:21 a.m. in the westbound lanes of Route 80 near Elmwood Park. Traffic in the area was backed up for several hours as maintenance crews worked to clear wreckage from the roadway.

According to police, the driver of the car-carrier did not notice that traffic had slowed ahead of him as he approached exit 62. The large transporter then struck two cars. Police say that the two cars were pinned between the car-carrier and another semi-tractor trailer when they arrived on the scene. Initial reports indicated that the auto accident was caused by cars falling off the transporter, but this was later determined not to be the case. A state police representative said that no summonses were issued immediately following the accident.

The drivers of both of the cars struck by the transporter suffered injuries in the crash, and they were both transported by paramedics to a medical facility in Paterson for treatment. Firefighters were called upon to use cutting equipment to free one of the drivers from his vehicle. One of the drivers suffered only minor injuries, and he was treated and released. The other driver suffered broken ribs, and he remained in hospital. The driver of the car-carrier escaped the accident unhurt.

The safety of all road users is dependent upon motorists remaining alert, and this is particularly true for the drivers of large and heavy commercial vehicles. Those injured due to the negligent actions of others may pursue civil remedies, and a personal injury attorney could file a lawsuit on their behalf. This litigation could seek compensation for their medical expenses as well as their property damage. In situations where an accident victim is unable to work for any length of time, a lawsuit could also seek damages to cover their lost income.

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