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Man suffered injuries as child, now seeks justice

When parents are looking for extracurricular activities for children, there are lots of options. For children that enjoy outdoor activities like sports, parents may worry about safety. Recently, a New Jersey man shared his own story about suffering injuries as a child, and he says that the adults supervising the situation were to blame. 

The man alleges that when he was about 8-years-old, he was playing kickball with a group of peers at a local school's summer recreational program. During the game, he fell, but before he could stand up and dust himself off, another child jumped on his back. He attests that the injuries he suffered as a result were extensive, and he is still suffering from the 2009 incident. Nerve damage and a lot of dental work followed the man into adulthood, and now, he wants justice. 

Workers' compensation study explores physical therapy

When a New Jersey resident suffers an injury at work, the days and weeks that follow the physical injury may be filled with confusion and frustration. After initial medical treatment, a victim can begin to feel overwhelmed by the recovery process. As household expenses and medical bills begin to stack up, it may be difficult to resist the urge to pretend everything is fine and return to work. Doing so might lead to further or exacerbated injury, and victims may want to consider filing workers' compensation claims that will help cover expenses during the recovery process. 

Back injuries are one of the most common types of physical injury a worker may suffer on the clock. A recent study explored how ongoing physical therapy may be beneficial for lower back pain resulting from injury. These therapies may seem costly, and some victims might feel like they must make a choice between paying their bills or getting the treatment they need to recover. 

Broken hips can be lethal for senior citizens

Have you ever seen a young child take a tumble while walking, running or riding a bike? Almost to a one, they are able to spring back up with only a couple of skinned knees to indicate they ever fell.

But that is definitely not the case when older people trip, stumble and fall down. Wrenched ankles, torn ACLs and broken wrists are often the result of these trip-and-fall injuries. But by far, one of the most deadly consequences of falling for senior citizens is the dreaded broken hip.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may want to take legal action

Criminal courts are tasked with adjudicating cases in which a person is accused of breaking the law. The court must consider the evidence presented and hand down a verdict, and if a person is found guilty, the court will impose a sentence that it feels suits the crime. Just because a criminal court has sentenced an offender does not mean a victim will be compensated, so victims of some crimes, like motorcycle accidents caused by an intoxicated driver, have the option to file a civil suit against the responsible party. 

Recently, a husband and wife from New Jersey were enjoying a motorcycle ride. They were travelling north, and as the motorcycle slowed down to make a turn, tragedy occurred. The motorcycle was struck from behind by a sedan. 

Recovery from animal bites no walk in the park

New Jersey dog owners might be using the last weeks of summer to get their furry friends outside for some exercise. Many parks offer a special area for dogs and their owners to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, animal bites cannot be totally prevented, and if a dog becomes aggressive toward other pets or people, injuries can be serious. 

Recently, a New Jersey couple took their canine companions to a local dog park. Suddenly, another dog began to attack one of the couple's beloved pups. The couple, afraid for their dog, attempted to break up the fight. 

Tips for handling dog bite injuries

The dog days of summer have arrived, and New Jersey residents are enjoying the remaining few weeks of fun in the sun. Sometimes, an unexpected illness or injury can happen when a victim least expects it, and in the case of dog bite injuries, knowing what to do in an emergency can be crucial. There are important steps to take right away to help prevent infection, the chief concern for most dog bite injury cases. 

Annually, there are almost five million dog bites reported nationwide. Experts estimate that over half of these victims are children under 10 years of age. Being bitten by a dog can be a terrifying experience for a person of any age, and some victims may never fully recover. Physical and emotional injuries can be made even more serious if a dog bite gets infected. 

Motorcycle accidents: A chief concern for riders

As summer begins to draw to a close, New Jersey motorcycle enthusiasts are taking advantage of the last few weeks of warm, sunny days. Unfortunately, navigating everyday traffic carries the potential for serious motorcycle accidents. When a motorcycle crashes with larger passenger or commercial vehicles, the motorcycle rider may wind up the worse for wear. 

Recently, a man on a motorcycle was waiting for a vehicle in front of him to execute a turn. He maneuvered his bike onto the shoulder to get around the stalled traffic. Suddenly, another vehicle broke from the line of traffic and attempted to circumvent the other vehicles. 

A brain injury in a car accident is a serious matter

You were headed home from work one evening when another car seemed to appear out of nowhere and broadsided your vehicle as you legally approached an intersection. Your car is totaled, you were carried away in an ambulance and you haven't worked for many weeks.

But perhaps what is most disconcerting of all is that you were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after the collision. While you don't know a whole lot about brain injuries, what you do know is that you can no longer do many of the things that you unthinkingly did prior to your motor vehicle accident.

Injuries on iconic Disney ride

Disney Parks have a long-standing reputation as a place that offers nostalgic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many New Jersey families along with millions of people across the globe have taken or are planning a trip to one of these amusement parks. New attractions are constantly added to appeal to younger guests who may not be familiar with the characters of older favorites have been thrilling guests for decades. Recently, injuries at a park raise questions about the safety of some of these older attractions. 

Earlier this year, Disney World officials announced that Splash Mountain, a water ride that debuted in 1992, would be transformed into an updated attraction based on the kid-favorite movie, "The Frog Princess." After a frightening malfunction, guests may agree that it's time for Splash Mountain to go. As the ride went along, guests suddenly found their lives in the balance, and a park employee added to the chaos. 

Passenger fatalities in motorcycle accidents

New Jersey drivers find themselves in the middle of a heat wave, and motorcycle enthusiasts may feel that a ride on the open road may be just the ticket to some relief. When a motorcycle driver brings a passenger along, he or she has to be extra cautious. Sometimes, motorcycle accidents are not caused by the driver of another vehicle, but by the motorcycle operators themselves. 

Recently, a woman was killed when the driver of the motorcycle she was on lost control of the bike. Both the driver and the motorcycle were thrown from the vehicle, and sadly, the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was rushed to a nearby hospital, and investigators made an important discovery. 

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