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How should a bite be treated in the immediate aftermath?

As a New Jersey resident who has recently suffered from an animal attack that resulted in bite injuries, you are likely scrambling to act quickly in the aftermath. Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., is here to help walk you through what should be done next.

Depending on the animal that you were bitten by, you will most likely want to seek immediate medical attention. Bite wounds can be deep and may become infected easily if not tended to properly. Additionally, some animals have a chance of being rabid. For example, stray dogs likely haven't had any shots to protect them from viruses, bacteria or illness that can be passed on to humans.

What damages can I claim in a wrongful death action?

The sudden loss of a loved one in an accident is not something that any family will completely overcome. If that individual who died was also a primary contributor to family income, then the economic effects of the loss may be on par with the emotional devastation experienced by the affected family.

This is where a wrongful death action can be very helpful to mourning family members. If successfully navigated, a wrongful death suit could bring much-needed financial compensation to surviving family members after a fatal accident.

What are some types of workers' compensation benefits?

If you're a resident in New Jersey who has recently been injured in a work-related incident, you're likely going to have medical expenses ahead of you. Fortunately, you'll have workers' compensation benefits access as well. Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., will be available to help you navigate those benefits.

Of the different types of benefits available, we'll look at temporary and permanent. Permanent benefits are related to injuries or ailments that have a permanent effect on you or your ability to work. For example, if you suffered from a spinal fracture in a work incident and became paralyzed, that will be something you unfortunately have to deal with for life. Because of that, you also need life-long benefits. 

Have millennial drivers earned their bad reputation?

Nowadays, residents of New Jersey and the nation who fall within a particular age group are known as millennials, and millennials have a reputation for regularly engaging in dangerous driving practices. Just how much of that “bad driver” reputation do they actually deserve, though, and just how much are they endangering the rest of the motoring public?

Per USA Today, millennial motorists are, in fact, that bad. The publication even goes so far as to refer to drivers within this young age group as “highway hazards,” reporting that many of them engage in careless, unacceptable and hypocritical behaviors behind the wheel. For example, while many millennial drivers asserted that they felt it was unacceptable for people to drive aggressively or drive while under the influence, many of those same drivers admitted to taking such actions within the previous 30 days.

Is hands-free technology safe?

If you are like many other people in New Jersey, you may talk or text on your cellphone while behind the wheel. This dangerous practice can lead to serious car accidents, injuries and deaths. In New Jersey, and in many other states across the country, using a hand-held cellphone while driving is illegal. As a result, some have started using hands-free cellphones as a way to stay in compliance with the law. Studies show, however, that this advanced form of cellular technology may not be as safe as some think.

A study released by AAA involved a deeper look into cognitive distraction and cellphones, or how using a cellphone while driving can take a driver’s focus off the road. During the study, researchers asked participants to engage in several distracting activities while operating a vehicle equipped with monitors, as well as a simulator vehicle. These distractive tasks included the following:

  •          Listening to the radio
  •          Talking with a passenger in the vehicle
  •          Listening to an audio book
  •          Maintaining a conversation using a hand-held cellphone
  •          Talking with a hands-free cellphone
  •          Using voice activated technology to compose an email or text

Do not rush to blame yourself

We have seen it all too often — people put the blame on themselves for slips, trips and falls. It is only human to want to blame yourself if there is nobody there who directly harmed you. However, allowing negligent New Jersey property owners to continue their irresponsible habits often only perpetuates the problem. In other words, staying silent could end up leading to the continuation of the unsafe conditions that caused your accident, endangering yourself and others in the future.

At Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., we put the well-being of our clients first. That means that we negotiate, litigate and investigate with the singular purpose of securing adequate compensation for the injuries in question. There is no question that we derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing our clients' futures secured by our advice and efforts. However, there is more to the profession than just that.

Filing for loss of consortium damages in a personal injury claim

Married personal injury plaintiffs are often surprised to discover that their spouses may also have a claim for damages that relates to their injuries. However, if you stop to think about it, a claim for "loss of consortium" made by the spouse of an injured accident victim makes perfect sense -- and it is more than fair for at-fault parties to compensate spouses for their loss of consortium damages.

Loss of consortium is a legal term that relates to the way a spouse's injuries negatively affect other family members. Imagine, for example, that the injured spouse was a homemaker and took care of the house and children full-time. If injuries prevent this spouse from taking care of these responsibilities, the family will suffer financially if it wants to hire a nanny and housekeeper to attend to these duties.

When a dog bites: Tips for owners

Many New Jersey residents may find it difficult to imagine that their dog will ever bite someone. However, there may come a day when people find themselves in this situation, and it is important for them to know what to do.

A dog might bite someone at home or while people are out walking their dog. Banfield Pet Hospital says that regardless of where the bite occurs, it is important for people to stay calm. If people are at home, it is a good idea for them to put their dog in another room or in a crate so they can make sure their guest is okay. People should also get antiseptic and a bandage or offer to take their guest to a nearby medical facility.

How to avoid a collision with a pedestrian

When New Jersey residents drive around town, they may not always think about the pedestrians who might be on the road. However, it is important for people to look for pedestrians so they are not involved in a collision.

Drivers typically need to look for pedestrians in crosswalks. The American Automobile Association says that drivers usually should slow down when they are near a crosswalk so they can stop if a pedestrian steps into the road. Additionally, it is important for people to yield to someone who is already in the crosswalk. When people see that other drivers have stopped, they usually should not pass these cars, as these drivers might have stopped for a pedestrian.

Keep people safe in the pool

As summer winds down, many New Jersey residents may be eager to spend as much time as possible in their swimming pool. Even as they have fun, it is important for people to remember to be safe. 

One easy way to make sure people are safe is to set ground rules that every swimmer has to follow. says that these rules should include good behavior. It is a good idea to make sure people do not slide down a water slide head first. Additionally, they usually should not shove people into the pool or use the water slide and diving board if people are in the way. Parents may also want to have rules about when people can be in the pool. It is a good idea to teach children that they cannot swim if they do not have an adult to supervise them. Sometimes rules can help keep adults safe, too. Some people may want to make sure adults do not get in the pool if they have just taken medication or drank alcohol.

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