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What does investigation of unpaid wage claims look like?

As a worker in New Jersey, you deserve financial compensation for the services you provide. Unfortunately, there may be some cases in which you don't get your fair pay. If you have unpaid wages or back pay that you're working to recover, here is what to expect from an investigation into your claims.

FindLaw first makes note that before an investigation can be launched, you will need to file a worker complaint.  These complaints are kept confidential, and both the reason for your complaint and your personal details will not be revealed. This is to prevent retaliatory actions from being taken against you. Your permission will be required if your identity does need to be revealed.

What should you know about pursuing compensation?

When New Jersey residents like you get into a car crash, you could be left with debilitating injuries that are quite costly to manage. Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., will be here to help as you face off against insurance companies in court to get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The first thing to understand is that the insurance companies will always be doing their best to pay the absolute minimum amount that they can get away with. They will use tactics to lower the potential payout. This can include looking for ways in which the fault can be removed from their client in order to lower the charges they face. They will calculate your degree of comparative negligence as well, and attempt to shift some of the blame for the crash onto you.

Dangerous dog breeds: aggression and public safety

New Jersey residents love their four-legged friends, and many even consider them members of the family. Dogs have long been associated with comfort and companionship, but there are a number of breeds that have raised debate over the years in regard to their temperament. Unfortunately, some breeds are known to exhibit higher levels of aggression than others.

Earlier this month, the American Bully became a hot topic breed in the Vernon area of New Jersey. The New Jersey Herald highlighted the story in which a Pit Bull mix viciously attacked its owner's neighbor. The neighbor, who had attempted to leash the dog after it broke loose from its owner's yard, suffered serious injuries to his face. The Herald reported that the Vernon Municipal Court had sentenced the dog to euthanasia as a result.

What should you do if a wrong way driver heads toward you?

New Jersey drivers may have to face any number of dangers while on the road. One of many is the wrong-way driver, who can cause panic and dangerous or even deadly crashes through their actions. These crashes can even prove fatal, and you only have a few seconds to react.

Fox6 News asks drivers what they would do if faced with a wrong way driver. While the reaction time and actions may differ depending on the situation, it's advised in all scenarios to get out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. This can mean swerving, braking, or pulling over. When pulling over, the further away from the road you can get, the better. Any wrong way driver should be given a wide berth.

Do you own a vehicle with a recalled Takata airbag?

During the last 10 years, 22 people have died throughout the world because of dangerous Takata airbags that explode like a grenade inside the passenger compartments of vehicles. Many of these dangerous airbags have hair triggers that can go off in a minor fender-bender. The most deadly of these airbags, dubbed "Alphas," have a 50 percent chance going off in these kinds of circumstances.

You might think that after a decade of automaker recalls, with millions of vehicles being called in for free repairs, that the threat of these airbags would have passed by now. However, automakers continue to add more vehicles to the list. Ford, for example, recently added older model Rangers to the list of dangerous cars that need to be repaired to avoid the risk of death.

How does strict liability apply to dog owners?

If you have been attacked by a dog in New Jersey, you may be wondering what the next step is. Who will cover medical costs? Who will make up for any lost wages? Will you be forced to cover these expenses on your own? Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., is here to help guide you through these potential hurdles.

First of all, New Jersey is a state in which dog owners are imposed with "strict liability". What does that mean? Essentially, the owner of the dog is held legally responsible for any injury done to another person because of their dog. This even holds true if they didn't know that their dog was a threat, or if the dog has no past history of having injured or attacked anyone.

Should you be worried about potholes as a motorcyclist?

Potholes are a pain no matter where in New Jersey you're traveling. They can damage your vehicle, burst your tires, and leave you with some nasty injuries. But that's mostly for covered vehicles like cars, vans, or trucks. What about people like you, who have to weather the strike with your motorcycle alone?

For motorcyclists, the dangers of potholes can be even more pronounced than for almost anyone else on the road. As FindLaw states, unrepaired potholes are a risk to anyone, but motorcycles have less protection than a covered vehicle.

What kind of damage can a pothole do?

The roads in New Jersey aren't always as smooth as can be, and as a driver who constantly travels them, you may have encountered your fair share of potholes. But outside of being a common roadway annoyance, just what sort of damage can a pothole really do?

Les Schwab starts off by listing the type of damage that potholes can cause to your car tires alone. Puncturing the tire itself is a big concern, but that's not the only thing that can happen. You can actually damage the side walls or belts of the tire. In a particularly rough impact, you can even throw off the entire alignment of your car, which can throw off your gas mileage and overall functionality of your vehicle.

Construction workers: Were you injured by a scaffold?

Some construction workers regularly build and work on scaffolds as a part of their jobs. These devices are extremely useful because workers can build and dismantle them easily to gain access to difficult-to-reach places.

Because scaffolds elevate workers into the air, they present fall dangers. Not only can workers themselves fall, but the tools they're using can also fall. In fact, numerous workers die or suffer catastrophic injuries related to scaffolds every year. In order to stay safe while using scaffolds, here are two things workers need to keep in mind:

Can an emotional injury come with physical effects?

You have a challenge ahead of you after suffering an injury at work, whether it was physical or emotional. Emotional injuries can be just as traumatizing as physical ones, yet often they are treated as if they are less important or do not have a significant impact. However, you and other New Jersey residents who are experiencing emotional trauma know that the effects can last long after your physical wounds have healed.

The Mayo Clinic explains that emotional injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, can result in physical symptoms over time. For example, if you suffer from chronic anxiety and PTSD after witnessing a co-worker’s serious accident, after a few months the stress could manifest in the form of migraines, joint pain and heart palpitations. Untreated depression that is exacerbated by your work conditions might cause fatigue and difficulty concentrating, and negatively impact your ability to work. As you may know, many forms of emotional trauma do not improve without therapy or medication, and your physical symptoms may also need to be treated by a doctor.

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