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Filing for loss of consortium damages in a personal injury claim

Married personal injury plaintiffs are often surprised to discover that their spouses may also have a claim for damages that relates to their injuries. However, if you stop to think about it, a claim for "loss of consortium" made by the spouse of an injured accident victim makes perfect sense -- and it is more than fair for at-fault parties to compensate spouses for their loss of consortium damages.

Loss of consortium is a legal term that relates to the way a spouse's injuries negatively affect other family members. Imagine, for example, that the injured spouse was a homemaker and took care of the house and children full-time. If injuries prevent this spouse from taking care of these responsibilities, the family will suffer financially if it wants to hire a nanny and housekeeper to attend to these duties.

When a dog bites: Tips for owners

Many New Jersey residents may find it difficult to imagine that their dog will ever bite someone. However, there may come a day when people find themselves in this situation, and it is important for them to know what to do.

A dog might bite someone at home or while people are out walking their dog. Banfield Pet Hospital says that regardless of where the bite occurs, it is important for people to stay calm. If people are at home, it is a good idea for them to put their dog in another room or in a crate so they can make sure their guest is okay. People should also get antiseptic and a bandage or offer to take their guest to a nearby medical facility.

How to avoid a collision with a pedestrian

When New Jersey residents drive around town, they may not always think about the pedestrians who might be on the road. However, it is important for people to look for pedestrians so they are not involved in a collision.

Drivers typically need to look for pedestrians in crosswalks. The American Automobile Association says that drivers usually should slow down when they are near a crosswalk so they can stop if a pedestrian steps into the road. Additionally, it is important for people to yield to someone who is already in the crosswalk. When people see that other drivers have stopped, they usually should not pass these cars, as these drivers might have stopped for a pedestrian.

Keep people safe in the pool

As summer winds down, many New Jersey residents may be eager to spend as much time as possible in their swimming pool. Even as they have fun, it is important for people to remember to be safe. 

One easy way to make sure people are safe is to set ground rules that every swimmer has to follow. says that these rules should include good behavior. It is a good idea to make sure people do not slide down a water slide head first. Additionally, they usually should not shove people into the pool or use the water slide and diving board if people are in the way. Parents may also want to have rules about when people can be in the pool. It is a good idea to teach children that they cannot swim if they do not have an adult to supervise them. Sometimes rules can help keep adults safe, too. Some people may want to make sure adults do not get in the pool if they have just taken medication or drank alcohol.

Differentiating between occupational diseases and injuries

There are numerous work-related hurdles that New Jersey residents will face during their lifetimes. Two of the most common issues involved in workers' compensation cases involve either work-related injuries, or work-related diseases. Both of these can affect workers in drastically different ways, but have an equally unpleasant and even potentially permanent impact.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines occupational diseases as illnesses a worker can contract due to the nature of their job. This includes jobs in the health industry or impoverished areas by virtue of how frequently ailments like malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases are found in those professions or locations. However, it can also apply to workers in factories who may be exposed to toxic chemicals, fumes, or ingredients that can cause cancer or other chronic ailments.

2 frequently asked questions about workers' compensation

Workers' compensation attorneys who handle construction accident claims see numerous kinds of cases relating to an infinite number of injury scenarios. However, when it comes to the information their clients need, attorneys are often answering the same questions again and again.

Here are two frequently asked questions presented by the typical construction accident victim:

Motorcycle crash in Morris Township shows road rage dangers

As if motorcyclists didn’t have enough to worry about with poor weather, bad road conditions and inattentive drivers, they also need to beware of people who drive aggressively or try to cause harm. Many residents of New Jersey have experienced or witnessed road rage. This driving behavior can be dangerous for anyone, but can be especially deadly for motorcyclists who are the target of another driver’s anger.

A recent accident that occurred in Morris Township left authorities with more questions than answers, but highlights how quickly and unexpectedly a road rage incident can occur, as well as the frightening implications for motorcyclists. As the Daily Record explained, a driver engaging in what law enforcement described as an apparent road rage attack allegedly struck the biker with his or her vehicle and purposefully ran him off the road. The motorcyclist was fortunate to have only received minor injuries, rather than being seriously injured or killed. There was no report on what might have sparked the incident, and authorities were still searching for the driver who injured the motorcyclist.

Understanding aggression in dogs

While it may be true that dogs are man’s best friend, aggressive dogs can pose a threat to people under certain circumstances. Understanding aggression in canines is essential in this case, as it will allow you identify a possible issue and take steps to avoid being injured. WebMD offers the following facts about dog aggression and what you can do about it.

Signs of Aggression

Workers’ compensation retaliation is unfair and unlawful

At Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., we know that the process of filing or appealing a workers’ compensation claim, combined with recovering from your injuries, can be daunting. It may be even more discouraging for New Jersey residents who were targeted by abusive or retaliatory acts by their employers after seeking workers’ compensation.

Imagine getting injured on the job, only for your boss to inform you that you are required to use your own medical insurance for all health care related to your injury, and that you will not be paid for any time you take off to recover. Additionally, when you return to work, you are told that you are no longer needed or you were demoted. You might understandably feel as if you were disciplined for seeking workers’ compensation.

Can a dog bite make you sick?

When you get bitten by a dog in New Jersey, you may not think the bite will make you sick. Sometimes, though, people might get a disease from the bite.

A dog bite can make you ill if bacteria causes an infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that about 18 percent of bites might get infected. While rabies may be the first contagion that comes to mind, there are other diseases you might incur. If your wound is deep, you may sometimes be at risk of developing tetanus. This disease can be serious because it can make your muscles stiff or paralyzed. You might also incur a kind of staph infection called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. You may experience a urinary tract or skin infection if you come in contact with this bacteria during a dog bite.

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