Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Fatal motorcycle accident on Garden State Parkway

Throughout the state of New Jersey, motorcyclists look forward to the days in which the weather makes it possible to pull the bike out of the garage and go for a ride. During the cold and snowy winter months, for many, these thoughts are what keep them going until spring rolls around. As every motorcyclist knows, there are certain risks that go along with participating in that activity such as crashes. When they occur, motorcycle accidents often result in devastating injuries. At times, they may even lead to death.

Earlier this month a motorcycle accident occurred on the Garden State Parkway. The late night accident resulted in the death of a passenger on the motorcycle, and critical injuries to the 49-year-old man driving it. According to a State Police Trooper, the motorcycle struck the back of a Ford that was parked in one of the travel lanes. The car had reportedly stopped due to engine trouble.

The force of the collision threw the riders of the motorcycle of the bike. The motorcycle then burst into flames.

After the accident the man driving the motorcycle was taken to an area hospital. The woman he was with died at the scene, at the much too young age of 20. The individual who was behind the wheel of the stalled vehicle reportedly received treatment for minor injuries at the scene.

It is unclear what caused the motorcycle to hit the car. It is likely however that an investigation into the incident will determine the cause.

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