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Multiple buses involved in New Jersey crash on I-80

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

It is doubtful that any residents of Somerville, are ever happy to hear news about a motor vehicle accident. This is likely especially true when those involved in the auto accident are children.

One of the types of motor vehicles commonly used to transport large groups of youths are school buses. While school is in session they serve as transportation to and from their place of learning. Though not as commonly used during the summer, they are nonetheless usually the preferred mode of transportation used in camp settings, particularly when campers are heading out on a field trip.

Last week, a total of 39 children, who were riding in several school buses, were injured when they were involved in a crash in New Jersey. The kids, 9-and 10-year-olds from a neighboring state, were on their way to Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park when the multi-bus accident occurred. All of the children were participating in a sports camp and were on a field trip.

The accident, which occurred on Interstate 80, involved four buses. According to the authorities who responded to the scene, the incident started when one of the buses rear-ended another one. At some point the other two buses were apparently struck as well. It was reported that minor damage was inflicted upon each of them.

It is not clear what caused the multivehicle accident to occur. That will likely be determined in the course of the investigation which is being conducted.

In total, more than 100 individuals were on the four busses. The 39 children who were injured were reportedly bruised and sustained cuts described as minor. In addition to the children who were hurt, a couple of adults who were also passengers on the bus were injured, apparently not seriously.

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