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Red light cameras back in operation at New Jersey intersections

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2012 | Uncategorized

The failure to follow rules of the road is one of the common contributing factors when it comes to the causes of motor vehicle accidents. Accordingly, authorities in the state of New Jersey have worked to determine ways in which this behavior on the part of drivers could be addressed, hopefully leading to a reduction in the number of car accidents that occur. One method used is the issuance of red light camera tickets.

Throughout the state, cameras are installed at 85 intersections. The pilot program under which those cameras had been in use was recently suspended as a result of concerns being raised regarding the length of yellow lights and speed limits posted at the intersections. According to one state lawmaker, the lack of the use of a formula appropriate to the area speed limit to calculate the proper timing of the light could result in unwarranted tickets for running red lights. A total of 63 intersections with the red light cameras facing that issue are located throughout the state.

After five weeks, the suspension of that program is now over. Earlier this week the state’s Department of Transportation recertified the cameras at those 63 intersections for operation. It is unclear what caused the cameras at those intersections to be recertified and the decision caught quite a few people off guard.

What are your thoughts on the use of these cameras throughout the state of New Jersey? Do you think they are an effective tool in the reduction of car accidents?

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