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Pedestrians sometimes the victims in traffic accidents

Regular readers of this blog know that we routinely write posts on traffic accidents involving only motor vehicles that result in injuries. Of course one does not need to be an occupant of a car to be involved in serious traffic accident in New Jersey however. When struck by cars, pedestrians are often seriously hurt.

In 2010, nationwide, 13 percent of the recorded deaths due to traffic accidents were pedestrians. Translated into a raw number, that’s at total of 4,280 pedestrian deaths because of an interaction with a motor vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that all but 20 percent of those deaths occurred when a pedestrian was somewhere other than an intersection when the auto accident occurred.

Other interesting statistics regarding fatal interactions involving pedestrians and motor vehicles in 2010 include:

  • An average of one pedestrian was killed every two hours due to a traffic accident.
  • All but 10 percent of the pedestrian fatalities recorded occurred in weather described as clear.
  • Either the driver or pedestrian had consumed alcohol in 47 percent of the fatal incidents.
  • A majority (more than two-thirds) of the people killed in pedestrian accidents were men or boys.

Though the state of New Jersey did not rank in the top 10 when it came to pedestrian deaths due to motor vehicle accidents, they nonetheless do happen here on a regular basis, sometimes resulting in wrongful death lawsuits. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood reminded citizens of the country that staying safe on the road, regardless of what one is doing is the responsibility of all.

Source: CNN, “Pedestrian fatalities up 4 percent in 2010; non-intersection crossings most deadly,” Jim Barnett, Aug. 7, 2012