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Skateboarder reports auto accident with 2 vehicles

When people get into an accident, there is typically an exchange of information that allows each party to file claims and collect damages. Unfortunately, when a person is involved in a hit-and-run auto accident, it can be challenging to go after the responsible party if there is no identifying information. A Glassboro skateboarder is facing this particular situation.

Staff members at the Kennedy Memorial Hospital called police on behalf of a patient who claimed to have been hit by two vehicles. The accident allegedly occurred on Oct. 24 before 2:10 am. According to the victim, he had been skateboarding to a friend’s house when he was struck by the first vehicle. The accident sent him falling to the ground where he was struck by a second vehicle.

The victim was alone and possibly disoriented. The only details he could provide to the police about the responsible parties were that one car was tan and the other was a silver sedan. The police believe the accident occurred around Mick Drive and West New Street.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime. Unfortunately, unless witnesses come forward or surveillance video is unearthed, it may be difficult to find the responsible parties. However, once the police find the negligent drivers, the man may choose to file a claim against their insurance companies for medical expenses or take the drivers to civil court to obtain compensation for pain and suffering.

Source: NJ.com, “Glassboro skateboarder hit by two vehicles: police,” Jim Cook Jr., Oct. 27, 2012