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Intoxicated New Jersey motorist causes 5-car crash

Most New Jersey residents regard the weekend as a well-earned recovery period after a week of hard work. For some people, however, Friday night offers an excuse to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. When an intoxicated individual decides to drive home from a social occasion in spite of the dangers, the decision can lead to a serious auto accident.

According to authorities, on Nov. 23, a New Jersey motorist, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, attempted to evade justice by continuing to drive after multiple crashes. The 23-year-old man allegedly stole the Plymouth Voyager involved in the accidents from a party at a West Chrystal Street address.

The man initially drove the Plymouth into two parked vehicles at the original scene before absconding, according to reports. He then reportedly began speeding and collided with two other automobiles. This impact tore a front tire off the Plymouth. The man allegedly drove on and crashed into another vehicle 300 feet later.

A final collision — again with a stationary car — followed shortly afterward. The Plymouth then came to a standstill. Upon arrival at the scene, police found the intoxicated motorist unconscious in the vehicle. The man was transported to hospital and treated for his injuries.

Twenty charges were later filed against the man. The list of complaints included leaving the scene of a crash, driving without a license, driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.

For victims of a drunk driver, the aftermath of even just your vehicle being damaged can be difficult to deal with. And some individuals may be entitled to compensation, which can help ease the financial or economic consequences associated with drunk driver negligence. To ensure maximum remuneration, injured parties should gather as much information about their circumstances as possible.

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