Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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New Jersey man killed in auto-pedestrian accident

When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the result is often serious injury or death. Families that lose a loved one to an auto accident can suffer greatly from the loss of companionship. In many cases, the bereaved may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, as well as for the loss of the deceased’s potential future income.

The family of one New Jersey man is just beginning to deal with the aftermath of a hit-and-run pedestrian accident. The 40-year-old man was reportedly struck and killed as he walked up a street to fetch a ferret as a gift for his son. A neighbor heard the crash and called 911, then tried to direct traffic away from the man’s body with a flashlight.

Local police reported that parts of the vehicle left behind at the accident scene indicate that they are looking for an F-series Ford Super Duty truck with a model year of either 2005 or 2006. They believe that the truck is metallic blue in color and is missing its passenger side mirror and one headlight. The truck is also believed to have front end damage.

A family friend of the victim stated that a police report showed that the driver did not use the vehicle’s brakes. On Jan. 28 investigators were combing through surveillance footage from cameras in the area to look for the truck.

The families of those killed in auto-pedestrian accidents have heavy emotional burdens to carry. It is important for those dealing with a loss to understand all available legal options. Compensation for the loss of a loved one will not bring a family member back, but it can help to recover funeral and medical expenses and can be an essential step on the road to healing.

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