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Man charged with DUI, eluding police

Drunk drivers pose a serious threat to others on the roadway. Sometimes life-threatening injuries result when negligence on the part of the drunk driver causes a car crash. Those involved often have injuries that they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, however, a drunk driver causes only property damage. The at-fault driver can still be held accountable in such situations.

Somerville readers may be interested to learn that police arrested a man on Feb. 24 who they say went on a drunk-driving spree through an area of town. The problem began with a hit-and-run incident and a police chase and ended with the man’s arrest. He was booked for drunk driving and eluding the police.

The incident occurred early in the evening on Hooper and College Drive in Toms River, where police say that the man struck the back of a Jeep with his Camaro before fleeing from the scene. Officers initially found the man traveling south, where he hit the curb on Bay Avenue before stopping and speeding off when they approached him. Police say that he proceeded to hit another curb at a shopping center before again coming to a stop and speeding away when the police approached his car. Finally, police say that the man hit a curb on Route 37 that caused his air bags to deploy, and they were then able to arrest him. No one was injured during the incident.

When a drunk driver damages property, the owners have a right to seek out compensation. Property owners should learn what legal remedies are available to them as soon as possible following the infliction of damage at the hands of a negligent or intoxicated driver.

Source: Asbury Park Press, “Seaside Heights man charged with drunk driving after eluding police,” Nicquel Terry, Feb. 25, 2013