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Driver said zombies led to multiple car crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Truck Accidents

New Jersey residents may have heard of a recent accident where a young driver blamed it on zombies. A 19-year-old man who stole a semi-trailer truck full of strawberries claims zombies jumped on the rig and that he was only trying to shake them off when he crashed into several automobiles before finally overturning.

Four people injured in the freeway accident needed to go to the hospital for medical care. Two of the people suffered serious injuries, California Highway Patrol officials said. In fact, whether in California, New Jersey or elsewhere in the nation, automobile accidents, such as this truck accident, may be one of the top reasons many people file personal injury claims.

Several cars were affected in the accident; one of the automobiles that he crashed into collided with another car. The accident tied up the freeway for hours. Authorities said the teenager was apparently under the influence of something that caused him to hallucinate. He faces several charges.

It is unknown if there are any consequences due to the injuries suffered by the four victims who were affected by this accident. However, it might include pain and suffering, lost wages and permanent disability. They could seek compensation for their injuries.

A personal injury lawyer could help ensure a fair settlement that may cover losses suffered from a motor vehicle accident. When handling any personal injury legal claim, it could be helpful to contact a law firm that specializes in that area. In addition, an initial consultation to go over the facts of the accident could be free and without obligation.

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