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On Behalf of | May 10, 2013 | Truck Accidents

New Jersey truck accident sends one to hospital New Jersey State Police reported that an automotive accident occurred on Interstate 295. The truck accident occurred after a tractor-trailer impacted with a car. The accident occurred early in the morning near exit 52A and Columbus Road from the northbound side of the roadway.

New Jersey State Police report that their preliminary investigation revealed that the truck was traveling northbound at the time of the accident. It was reportedly sideswiped by a Nissan sedan. The impact caused the tractor trailer to veer off of the roadway and to crash down a 20-foot embankment. Responders struggled to remove the truck driver from the wreckage.

Approximately twenty minutes after commencing the extraction, responders were able to free the 36-year-old driver. He was then transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment of his moderate injuries.

The accident also caused a diesel spill onto the roadway, and workers were still attempting to clean it up into the afternoon. The right lane of the roadway was still closed during the night. Although there were no charges filed regarding the truck accident, the investigation is still ongoing.

Although some drivers of passenger vehicles cause truck accidents, other truck accidents are the result of the negligence of a truck owner, truck company or distracted truck driver. A tractor-trailer crash may result due to truck driver fatigue, a drunk truck driver or other form of negligence.

Truck drivers and truck companies are expected to proceed with the utmost care and to follow federal and state standards, including keeping a trucking log that complies with these regulations. A victim of a multi-vehicle crash may be able to receive assistance from a personal injury attorney to attempt to acquire compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, permanent disability and pain and suffering.

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