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New Jersey crash ends with two seriously injured

A 43-year-old Williamstown resident allegedly collided with a motorcycle at the intersection of North Main Street and East Lois Drive in Monroe Township. The Williamstown resident was driving a pickup truck when he allegedly attempted to turn left into the intersection and consequently turned in front of the motorcycle, causing a motorcycle accident that left two injured.

The driver of the motorcycle attempted to avoid the truck but could not and ended up crashing into its side. Both the driver of the motorcycle and his passenger were reportedly thrown from the bike during the collision. The driver reportedly landed in the street while the passenger was stated to have landed in the bed of the truck.

Both the passenger and the driver were taken to the Cooper University Hospital in Camden via helicopter. According to police, both of them were listed in critical condition. The driver of the pickup truck had no injuries, but there were two children in the truck who allegedly had minor injuries. No charges have been filed against anyone involved in the crash, but an investigation is still ongoing.

Fault may be difficult to determine in this case. Due to the fact that the pickup truck driver was allegedly turning left at an intersection when the motorcycle collided with him, he may be charged with a failure to yield to oncoming traffic. However, the speed and driving of the motorcycle driver may also come into play. Motor vehicle accident attorneys may be able to help either party construct a defense and minimize the damages they may need to pay out in regards to medical and personal injury costs.

Source: NJ.com, “Two critically injured in motorcycle/pickup truck crash in Monroe Township“, June 06, 2013