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Lawsuit filed against New Jersey township for crash

A motorcycle passenger who was critically injured in a crash involving a trash truck in Williamstown has filed a lawsuit against the Monroe Township. The passenger, from Atco, was on the back of a motorcycle driven by a Williamstown resident in April 2011. The pair was involved in a motorcycle accident with a vehicle from Monroe Township Public Works. The accident transpired on Sunset and Holly Avenues in Williamstown. The township employee allegedly backed down Holly Avenue, a one-way street, then crossed over Sunset Avenue, which may have caused the accident.

In the lawsuit filed against the township and the public works employee, the plaintiff alleges that he sustained permanent injuries. He also claimed to have sustained permanent disfigurement and permanent loss of bodily function, which prohibits him from his usual employment. The lawsuit also claims that the public works employee was negligent and careless when operating the trash truck. The plaintiff wants the township and public works employee to pay for damages, other court costs and attorney’s fees.

Many passengers on motorcycles understand the risks associated with traveling on that type of vehicle. However, when a motorcycle accident occurs due to another party, the passenger should be compensated for the injuries suffered. The wrongful party may offer a personal injury settlement to the individual to pay for medical bills.

Whether a settlement offer is given or not, many victims hire a personal injury lawyer to represent them in personal injury claims like the one above. A personal injury lawyer may provide valuable assistance and experience in helping an individual prove his or her case. For instance, the lawyer may question witnesses who saw the accident or look into other facts surrounding the case. He or she may also advise on settlements and represent the client in court.

Source: nj.com, “Monroe Township named in motorcycle vs. trash truck crash lawsuit“, Carly Q Romalino, June 22, 2013