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One killed, one injured in New Jersey high-speed accident

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

A two-car accident in Franklinville on July 28 killed one person after his car landed in a pond, while another car burst into flames, slammed into a tree and was cut in half. New Jersey police say the two drivers were believed to be traveling at high rates of speed in the same direction. A neighbor said Grant and Jackson avenues, where the accident occurred, are popular with street racers.

The driver of a 1992 BMW sedan did not survive the car crash. His vehicle landed upside down in a pond. He was dead when divers tried to rescue him two hours after the 4:30 a.m. accident.

The car belonging to the other driver, 21, burst into flames and then crashed into a tree. The vehicle was cut almost in half, but the driver sustained only minor injuries. He was admitted to Cooper Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. The driver escaped from the car and was wandering in the road where a neighbor who heard the crash found him.

A few hours later, investigators were still going over the accident scene to determine the cause and which driver was at fault. Fault could play a deciding role in determining if the dead driver’s survivors are eligible for compensation from the other driver’s insurance. If any fault is assigned to the deceased driver, it could impact the settlement his survivors will receive. A New Jersey personal injury attorney may assist the family with a claim and make sure they get what they are entitled to. If the deceased driver was found to be totally responsible for the accident, then the other driver may have a claim against him. He might want to consult with a personal injury attorney to find out his options.

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