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Supermarket crash injures 3 in New Jersey

Two people and the driver of a car that penetrated the front of a supermarket in New Jersey, lodging itself between the self-check aisle and cashier’s station, were injured Jan. 24. The accident occurred at approximately 2 p.m in the 400 block of Lyons Avenue in Irvington. According to an official representative, the reason the black sedan crashed into the Pathmark remains unclear, and an investigation is ongoing.

This is one of several similar cases in which an automobile drove into a supermarket in the somewhat recent past. In an accident in Westwood, New Jersey, a woman was severely injured when a car careened into the store in November.

The front of the supermarket was left with a gaping hole littered with broken glass and produce. Two of the injured were reportedly store employees. According to a witness at the scene, the car’s engine revved up before a loud boom was heard as it crashed through the front of the store.

A driver’s conduct on the road, in public parking lots and in regard to pedestrians who may be standing in a public place must adhere to the duty of care all drivers are obligated to display. This responsibility to prevent injury to other individuals in an auto accident may be breached when the driver abandons that duty of care. Someone who is injured as a result of the accident may hold the driver liable and seek compensation if there is evidence that the driver acted negligently or recklessly.

Medical bills, loss of income and other expenses can result from an accident. In order to evaluate the claim, information gathered from witness statements and video footage like what one might find in a supermarket may provide clues as to the underlying causes of the accident. In this case, the driver was described as appearing to be “ill,” which might suggest that he or she had a known medical condition that restricted his or her driving privileges.

Source: NBC New York , “Car Smashes Into New Jersey Pathmark; 3 Hurt“, January 24, 2014