Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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1 dead, 3 injured on New Jersey Turnpike

Three people were injured and one person died in an accident that occurred on May 11. The accident happened around 1:25 a.m. on the northbound side of the New Jersey Turnpike in Newark. According to investigators, the collision occurred when a female driver lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a barrier on the turnpike. Local reports were unable to discern whether or not the driver was one of the people injured in the collision. Police charged her with driving while intoxicated.

A man was ejected from the vehicle and died as a result of the accident. Two of the female occupants in the vehicle suffered injuries that were not disclosed. Another man inside the vehicle suffered serious neck trauma from the collision. Some of the common injuries that people suffer as a result of highway collisions include whiplash, broken bones, internal bleeding, head injuries, brain trauma, contusions or spinal injuries.

The passengers inside the vehicle may consider filing personal injury claims against the driver to recover compensation for damages. Lawyers may be able to help these people receive restitution that can account for medical expenses or loss of income that resulted from the crash. The family of the deceased may also consider filing a claim against the driver to recover compensation for funeral expenses.

Legal counsel may have to prove driver negligence and that the woman is culpable for the damages caused by the collision. Aside from examining the police report for pertinent details, a lawyer might work with a reconstruction specialist in an effort to piece together a precise account of how and why the accident occurred.

Source: Asbury Park Press, “1 dead, 3 hurt in crash on New Jersey Turnpike”, May 11, 2014