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Brothers seriously injured in hit-and-run pedestrian crash

Authorities with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department reported that a hit-and-run pedestrian crash involving two brothers on Nov. 14, seriously injuring both in North Bergen. According to reports, the two brothers, ages 11 and 20, were walking on a sidewalk along Kennedy Boulevard when the collision occurred around 9:50 p.m.

Witnesses indicated that the two were walking between 31st and 32nd Streets when a red Nissan Rogue ran off the road and over the curb, striking them both. The 11-year-old was apparently thrown on top of an iron fence and was impaled. The 20-year-old reportedly suffered brain injuries and a detached leg. Following the accident, the Nissan, which had tinted windows, sped away from the scene, leaving a portion of its passenger fender and headlight behind.

Law enforcement authorities are searching for the driver of the vehicle. They indicated that the vehicle should have extensive damage to its passenger front side. Authorities have asked that anyone who has information about the collision contact them. The 11-year-old, after being transported to Jersey City Medical Center, was then transported to Hackensack Medical Center for Pediatric Surgery for treatment, where he remains in serious condition. The 20-year-old apparently required brain surgery. His condition has been characterized as grave. Surgeons are apparently attempting to reattach his leg.

Hit-and-run drivers who cause serious injury car accidents often face severe criminal penalties for their actions. In addition to any criminal case, they may also be held civilly liable for their negligent actions through a personal injury lawsuit. Through such a lawsuit, victims may be able to recover damages to compensate them for their losses. Depending on the individual facts of a case, damages can include compensation for medical expenses, ongoing treatment needs, lost current and future expected income, pain and suffering and other damages categories.

Source: CBS New York , “Brothers, 11 And 20, Critically Injured In North Bergen Hit-And-Run“, November 15, 2014