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New Jersey motorcyclists might be interested in learning more about the trends related to motorcycle accidents, as described by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Statistics indicate that about one-third of motorcyclists killed are either operating the motorcycle improperly or without a license, and it has been estimated that nearly one-half of the motorcycle deaths are attributable to people riding while intoxicated. Operating while intoxicated or without the proper instruction can significantly increase the likelihood and severity of ensuing injuries occurring.

A large percentage of motorcycle crashes reported are single-vehicle accidents. Many of these crashes were attributed to the rider not appreciating operating limitations of the particular motorcycle. According to the NHTSA, these types of vehicles require operators to place a greater emphasis on safety and defensive driving. Riders may benefit more from anticipating evasive maneuvers and being cautious when traveling in inclement weather.

One of the most effective safety measures motorcycle riders may take is to invest in a motorcycle helmet that has been designed in accordance with federal safety standards. The NHTSA says that most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, so riders should be more aware traveling through these areas. Approximately 80 percent of these accidents end up causing injuries or death.

Anyone injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person may benefit from speaking with a lawyer. Legal counsel may be able to help these accident victims recover compensation to help offset resulting damages, such as medical costs, repair expenses and other related hardships. In order to obtain compensation, plaintiffs are required to prove that the defendant is responsible for causing the injuries.

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