Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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A sudden cold spell settled upon New Jersey and other parts of the northeast, causing tremendous difficulties to the residents of the Garden State. At one point, every bridge that joined Philadelphia to South Jersey had to be closed because of the inclement weather. Roads such as the Palisades Parkway were also closed because of the inclement weather.

The flash freeze struck the New Jersey area on the evening of Jan. 18, plunging the state below freezing temperatures and adding cold rain to the mix. Black ice coated the highways and surface roads of the Northeast, and hundreds of car crashes were reported throughout the region. The temperature fluctuated above and below the freezing point, causing water to turn to ice and back again. This created very dangerous conditions for drivers.

Specific death tolls had yet to be tallied, but at least five people had already lost their lives because of collisions around the state. There were also serious injuries reported. One single accident on Interstate 76 involved at least 30 vehicles. Officials said that the nature of the weather contributed to the problem as the rain washed the ice off the roads before freezing.

People who have suffered car accident injuries on the thoroughfares of New Jersey have the right to expect people whose actions or irresponsibility contributed to the wreck should pay their fair share of the medical bills and other attendant costs. It may be helpful to make contact with an attorney and explore options for compelling payment in situations where the responsible parties are reluctant. It may be a good idea to file a personal injury lawsuit and notify the defendants of the intention to take the suit through civil court and into trial if a reasonable settlement is not forthcoming.

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