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Stay safe on the roads this Fourth of July weekend

Fourth of July weekend, which is in just a few short days, is one of the busiest times of the year for highway travel. Additionally, drunk driving tends to be a major problem over the Fourth. For these reasons, safety officials are urging drivers to be extra careful on the roads over the holiday weekend.

Despite comprehensive safety efforts, pedestrians still at risk

Motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be catastrophic. Even in seemingly minor collisions, getting struck by a motor vehicle can do extensive damage that can take weeks, months or even years to fix or recover from.

Can personal injury liability overlap with criminal charges?

In warm weather months, New Jersey residents can be seen doing outdoor activities like boating, bicycling, and/or motorcycling. Yet even when engaged in those fun activities, individuals owe a duty of care to others around them.

Is fault the same as negligence in personal injury lawsuits?

If another person’s behavior is believed to be the cause of one's injuries, New Jersey law permits the victim to pursue compensation in a civil lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuits require the plaintiff to establish negligence by a preponderance of the evidence, which is a much lower standard than in criminal cases. Essentially, the standard could be satisfied if a jury determines that the plaintiff has established the elements of negligence by a probability greater than 50 percent.

Tracy Morgan settles New Jersey car accident case with Wal-Mart

It was almost exactly one year ago when actor-comedian Tracy Morgan and several of his friends were hit by a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer while traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike after a show. Morgan's close friend and mentor, James "Jimmy Mack" McNair, was killed. Morgan sustained broken bones and a traumatic brain injury from which he has been unable to fully recover. Two other friends were also injured in the wreck.

Is workplace chemical safety too costly? No, says FPF industry

If you follow the news about workplace safety or workers' compensation, you might get the idea that many employers simply refuse to follow the safety practices required for their industries. For example, we recently discussed the shocking lack of chemical safety compliance in the nail salons of New York City, which may be symptomatic of a nationwide problem.

Could the Internet solve the world's toughest disability issues?

What do you think is the most serious issue facing people with disabilities worldwide? There may be any number of answers, but one important aspect of the question is this: it asks what you think. Since you're reading a legal blog about injuries, there's a good chance you have experience living with a disability. Isn't it time you were the one being asked to set priorities? 

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