Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Despite comprehensive safety efforts, pedestrians still at risk

Motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be catastrophic. Even in seemingly minor collisions, getting struck by a motor vehicle can do extensive damage that can take weeks, months or even years to fix or recover from.

However, when one of the people involved in a crash is a pedestrian, the aftermath can be particularly devastating. This is because many pedestrian accidents in New Jersey result in permanent injuries or even death for the victim. This is why extensive efforts have been made in this state to promote pedestrian safety.

Accident prevention efforts are widespread and have only increased in recent years; some are quite visible while others are not.

For example, motorists should be able to easily marked crosswalks, signs directing cars to stop for pedestrians and walk signals at controlled intersections. They are expected to watch for pedestrians who may be crossing the street and yield whenever a pedestrian is in the roadway. There may also be increased police patrols in areas where there is heavy pedestrian traffic. These are crucial visual cues that motorists are expected to understand.

Some accident prevention efforts cannot necessarily be seen, but motorists are still supposed to be aware of them. For instance, there are numerous statutes in place that attempt to protect pedestrians. Anyone who violates these laws can face serious penalties including fines, community service requirements, increased insurance premiums and even jail time. 

Whether safety efforts are visible or not, every person on the road is expected to understand that pedestrian safety is a top priority and act accordingly.

Failure to comply with the laws or pay attention to traffic signage can result in devastating accidents that can put the lives of pedestrians in jeopardy. Those who cause these types of crashes can and should be held legally and financially accountable for the extensive damages that can be done.