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Are New Jersey pedestrians safe from negligent downtown drivers?

Urban planners often cite downtown development as the wave of the future. Young professionals, in particular, may enjoy the convenience of living downtown. The location makes it possible to walk or ride a short distance on mass transit to work, while enjoying the nightlife and other amenities of the city after work. However, a recent pedestrian accident raises the question of whether such plans may never become a reality if urban dwellers do not feel safe walking around their downtown neighborhoods.

What percentage of crashes are due to driver negligence?

Although driver negligence contributes to many motor vehicle accidents, the cause can sometimes be in a faulty product. The recall involving around 2.6 million General Motors' vehicles with faulty ignition switches is a recent example. 

Can early settlement offers in wrongful death litigation be fair?

Readers of this personal injury blog may appreciate some of the challenges that a plaintiff may face in convincing a jury that another driver was negligent. If the allegation were distracted driving, a subpoena of phone records might reveal whether the defendant was using his or her cell phone at the time of the crash. If the car was not equipped with hands-free technology, a presumption of distraction might attach.

Is speeding a significant cause of truck accidents?

As a law firm that focuses on personal injury claims, we have firsthand knowledge of the harm that can come from driver fatigue. Commercial truck drivers, in particular, may be at risk for drowsiness behind the wheel because of their work schedules. Although federal regulations impose some limitations on hours worked, at least one New Jersey lawmaker is calling for additional trucking safety legislation. 

Do personal injury lawsuits provide for long-term damages?

An accident can have far-reaching implications. Although readers of this personal injury blog may understand the principle of seeking compensation for injuries caused by another’s negligence, there can be additional issues in calculating damages.

Problems with self-driving cars will always be there

Much like winter in "Game of Thrones," self-driving cars are coming. Actually, they're already here, albeit in a probationary phase that is meant for testing and alterations. Still, the fact that there are self-driving cars out there signals we aren't that far off, relatively speaking, from a world where ever car is driven by robots and GPS devices. Whether this will decrease car accidents (the most likely outcome) or turn the roads into utter robotic chaos has yet to be seen.

Stay safe on the water (and land) this Fourth of July weekend

The Fourth of July is one of the best times of the year to celebrate being an American. If you are like many New Jersey residents, then you will be celebrating with friends and family at BBQs, picnics and bodies of water.

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