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Do personal injury lawsuits provide for long-term damages?

An accident can have far-reaching implications. Although readers of this personal injury blog may understand the principle of seeking compensation for injuries caused by another’s negligence, there can be additional issues in calculating damages.

For example, a recent article reminds us that an individual’s ability to work may not be the same after an accident. Although lost wages, medical expenses and other actual damages may be easier to compute, an accident victim should also consider the possibility of long-term consequences, such as long-term care or reduced earning capacity. 

Our law firm focuses on a variety of personal injury cases. Many of our clients have been injured in car, truck or motorcycle accidents caused by another driver’s negligent behavior. Other clients have been injured in the workplace, sometimes due to the negligence of a third party. Each type of accident may have its own context, perhaps including procedural requirements. An attorney that focuses on personal injury law understands those distinctions, such as working with insurance claims in a motor vehicle accident or filing for workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury.

In addition, we can also help accident victims pursue all sources of recovery. A civil lawsuit against the negligent party may be a first step, but other programs, like Social Security disability insurance, can help individuals who are no longer able to work because of an accident-related injury.

Our lawyers have the litigation experience to recognize the types of evidence that might persuade a jury of another party’s negligence. If expert testimony is required to reconstruct an accident scene, we can work with those professionals to compile a persuasive narrative. Distraction behind the wheel can contribute to a variety of unsafe behaviors. Similarly, third parties must not create workplace hazards, such as product defects. We anticipate these and other scenarios on our personal injury law website.

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