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Federal crash investigators cite truck driver’s fatigue

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Uncategorized

One reason truck accidents can wreak large-scale devastation is the force generated by their sheer size. At high-speeds, vehicles that may weigh several tons can produce chain-collisions upon impact. The truck accident that injured actor Tracy Morgan is a prime example.

National Transportation Safety Board officials recently convened a public hearing to discuss the results of their investigation into that truck accident. Their finding of driver fatigue is an important reminder in two regards. First, every driver has a duty of care behind the wheel. Drowsy driving can translate into delayed reactions, missed traffic signals or other examples of negligent driving. If that negligence were to cause an accident and injury another driver, civil liability could attach.

The timing of the findings is also significant, illustrating that compiling evidence from a crash scene takes time. That investigative process is something our personal injury attorneys are very familiar with. We know that, in order to present evidence in a personal injury trial that will be substantial and persuasive, a thorough investigation of all data and evidence must be undertaken. In addition, experts may also be required to analyze and/or testify in court about crash data.

Finally, an attorney can help a crash victim seek the proper compensation for his or her injuries arising from the accident. As this example illustrates, symptoms may be long-term, as in the case of a brain injury. In a recent interview, the actor confirmed that he was still experiencing symptoms of his brain injury that would interfere with his return to comedy, including nosebleeds, headaches and forgetfulness. An attorney can help prepare such a damages estimate. That could mean lost wages and ongoing medical treatment costs. 

Source: The New York Times, “Tracy Morgan Crash Largely Result of Truck Driver’s Fatigue, Regulators Say,” Benjamin Mueller, Aug. 11, 2015