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Might a car crash victim also qualify for disability benefits?

Advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving appeal to the collective public conscience for enacting and enforcing tough drunk driving laws. Yet there may also be a financial incentive, according to a recent article. 

The data, compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, attempted to measure the cost of excessive drinking in categories including lost productivity, health care costs, crime, motor vehicle accidents and early mortality. In sum, the CDC estimated an annual cost to Americans totaling around $249 billion. Car crashes comprised $13 billion of that total, and early mortality a staggering $75 billion. 

As a law firm that helps personal injury victims to seek proper compensation against negligent parties, we understand that damages can be difficult to measure. How can you put a price tag on pain and suffering? Diminished functionality may reduce an individual’s earning capacity, and lingering disabilities that surface months or even years after an accident may require long-term care.

Our law firm also focuses on Social Security disability law. Although a victim of another driver’s negligence will likely file a personal injury lawsuit, there may be additional benefits to pursue. Specifically, if a car crash left an individual with a disability that prevents him or her from working, Social Security disability insurance payments might be available. Our law firm can help crash victims maximize their benefits from all available sources. Since some of the evidence and supporting documentation may overlap, choosing one law firm for both types of claims may also reduce costs and save time. 

Source: Washington Post, “The Hidden Cost of Your Drinking Habit,” Christopher Ingraham, Oct. 16, 2015