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Are some New Jersey roadways more crash prone than others?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

Based on recent crash data, a compilation of 10 sections of New Jersey highways have been flagged as the most crash prone. Some areas are near retail stores, such as Route 22 in Union Township. Others are vacation routes, such as beachgoers driving through Toms River via Route 37.

Is there a connection? Traffic volume seems to play a role in crash statistics, and distractions such as retail stores also take a toll. Yet given several recent safety campaigns against distracted driving, these factors seem inexcusable.

Our law firm focuses on personal injury claims alleging that a defendant’s negligence resulted in injuries to the plaintiff. Yet proving exactly what happened in a motor vehicle accident can require the skills of an experienced attorney. Cell phone records might indicate whether a driver was texting or on a phone call while behind the wheel. Skid marks may reveal that a driver was following too closely or failed to observe a traffic sign or light. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies also know that negligence can be difficult to prove in some crashes. For example, a driver may have been too distracted to notice traffic flow and respond appropriately, yet there are no skid marks, eyewitnesses, traffic cameras or other types of evidence to back up that theory. In such cases, insurance companies may come forward with an early settlement offer for a low amount. 

Before accepting a settlement, we advise a crash victim to consult with an attorney. Attorneys with trial experience can evaluate the litigation hazards associated with a claim. 

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