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Can brain injuries be present even without a concussion?

Even if a victim of head trauma seems to have recovered, a recent article reminds us that this type of injury can have a long-term impact.

Based on new research, medical experts now believe that brain activity may be affected or impaired after head trauma, even when the individual was not diagnosed with a brain concussion. The seven-year study followed high school students who played football. Based on brain scans, researchers found that brain activity was affected in over half of those students, including changes in brain biochemistry and neurological functioning.

Notably, researchers suspect that less benign head trauma may actually be as dangerous as concussions because it may go undiagnosed. Any new head trauma, even if mild, may then have a cumulative effect to existing injuries.

Of course, head trauma occurs from more than just sports. Victims of a motor vehicle accident may suffer mild head trauma, yet not be diagnosed with concussions. Workers in certain industries may also be exposed to workplace accidents involving head injuries or blunt force to the head. If additional head trauma is introduced, and/or if individuals do not receive proper treatment for their injuries, long-term consequences may result.

Our law firm focuses on personal injury, workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits. We can help a brain injury victim pursue all available sources of benefits. We can advocate on a victim’s behalf for a fair benefits package or settlement that also accounts for long-term care needs. If a brain injury prevents an individual from returning to work, we can also pursue Social Security disability insurance benefits on his or her behalf.

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