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Holidays present special safety risks in workplaces, stores

If you are fortunate, maybe you have some extra time off during this holiday season. Even if you are at work, however, you probably are aware of the season, likely due to the holiday decorations that adorn your workplace. Or, maybe you work in sales and there is an abundance of holiday products on the shelves.

In all types of industries, the glitz of the holiday season finds its way into a workplace. More than just the glitz and extra customers that the holidays might introduce to a place of work, this time of year can mean new dangers are present in working environments. 

Travelers insurance warns employers about the various safety issues that put workers and customers at risk during the holiday season. The following are a couple of important factors that should be considered in order to prevent worker injuries and premises liability concerns:

Proper training: A company might have lots of new employees around the holiday season. Whether a worker is new or old to a business, everyone should be trained in proper safety procedures. This includes how to lift items at work, use ladders and certain safety details about the specific facility in which they work. 

Safe inventory displays: This time of year, there are many workers employed in retail. Those who work in that industry are busy, dealing with crowds and often demanding customers. To meet customer demands, businesses have lots of inventory — but no matter what the demand, shelves must not be overstocked. When shelves are not properly stocked, items can fall and injure workers or customers. Fallen items can also increase the risk of trip-and-fall incidents in a store. 

The holidays can be a fun time in some workplaces. For some it can be a stressful time. This season shouldn’t be, however, a dangerous time for any workers, or the customers they serve. Anyone who suffers an injury because of the negligence of their employer or a property owner should discuss their case with a personal injury lawyer in their area.