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Do I need to worry about an attack made by a house cat?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Animal Bites

When most people think of an animal attack, they typically visualize a dog attacking a child or an adult. The attack typically involves traumatic injuries that need immediate medical attention and multiple visits to the doctor before recovery is possible. On top of the physical injuries, victims typically suffer from mental conditions like PTSD, anxiety and depression because they constantly relive the experience.

But what if the victim wasn’t attacked by a dog? What if they were attacked by something smaller, such as a house cat? Would a victim need to worry? The answer is yes; and in today’s post, we’re going to look at why.

Even though we might see most house cats as friendly or docile, cats can be just as temperamental as dogs, meaning they are just as likely to bite or attack as a dog. The only difference in a cat attack versus a dog attack is the extent of injuries a victim suffers.

We tend to consider dog bites more traumatic because dogs tend to tear when they bite, leaving large, gaping wounds in some cases. When cats bite, their teeth tend to puncture, leaving small, unassuming wounds that are oftentimes brushed off by victims. But as our New Jersey readers should note, cat bites should be taken seriously. That’s because a cat’s mouth contains the same infection-causing bacteria that can be found in a dog’s mouth.

But dog bites are less likely to become infected. Why? Because dog bites are typically addressed immediately through thorough washing and other medical practices. Cat bites, because they are small, are typically ignored and thereby become infected. In fact, according to a NCBI article, as much as 80 percent of cat bites become infected.

On top of the risk of infection – which can lead to death in some cases if left untreated – a victim may also suffer the same mental health conditions associated with dog bites. This means a victim may require the same long-term treatments that may be accounted for in a personal injury claim.