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Commercial slip and fall injuries and owner responsibility

Nobody expects to be injured when they leave the comfort of their home to go shopping, run errands or go about their daily lives. However, the unexpected can and does happen. Slip and fall accidents occur under a variety of circumstances. Perhaps the commercial premises are in an unsafe condition. For example, flooring can be in need of repair, lighting can be inadequate and floors may be unexpectedly slippery. Even the exterior of a retail store can have weather related issues. All of these things can become a hazard to the customer, often resulting in falls that lead to injuries, sometimes severe ones.


Know your legal rights when bitten by a dog

There are an incredibly large number of people who are victims of dog bites each year in the United States and New Jersey is no exception. Unfortunately, many people who are victims of these attacks do not seek out compensation for their injuries; this may be because they do not know that they may be able to recover costs associated with dog bite injuries. Consider this: legislation in New Jersey states that owners of dogs or other animals that bite or attack are legally responsible for injuries to others caused by their animal.

Obtaining a license to ride in New Jersey

Riding a motorcycle on the open road is a thrilling endeavour that many of us long to experience. However, obtaining a license to drive one involves numerous tests. New Jersey is one of a few states in the nation that has revamped its motorcycle licensing regulations significantly in recent years. This can include the passing of a riding test with the States Motor Vehicle Commission as well as passing vision and knowledge tests on a bike that's similar in size to the type riders will be using once they are licensed.


Who pays for the medical bills after a car accident?

One of the most commonly asked questions about car accidents is who pays for the medical bills caused by them. Although this question seems like it would have an easy answer, this is not always the case. Many persons assume that the person at fault for the accident pays the bills. Although this seems logical, it is not how it works in New Jersey, since it is a no-fault state. As a result, all drivers in New Jersey must purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which pays for medical expenses, regardless of who is actually at fault for the car accident.

Is Workers' Compensation Important?

Many people go along with their jobs, never thinking about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. What if you are injured on the job and can no longer perform your duties? Over 130,000 workers' compensation claims were filed in the state of New Jersey in 2015, which goes to show that a vast amount of employees are at risk of being injured every day.


Driving habits that can reduce chances of being in a car accident

It's early, perhaps 7:30 in the morning and traffic congestion is already starting to back up traffic on the interstate as you make your way to work. Like every morning, you have your coffee in hand, the radio tuned to the morning drive show and you've settled into what seems like your millionth commute. Sound familiar? Each year thousands of motorists are involved in collisions that cause serious injury, disability and high medical expenses resulting from driver negligence.


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