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Commercial slip and fall injuries and owner responsibility

Nobody expects to be injured when they leave the comfort of their home to go shopping, run errands or go about their daily lives. However, the unexpected can and does happen. Slip and fall accidents occur under a variety of circumstances. Perhaps the commercial premises are in an unsafe condition. For example, flooring can be in need of repair, lighting can be inadequate and floors may be unexpectedly slippery. Even the exterior of a retail store can have weather related issues. All of these things can become a hazard to the customer, often resulting in falls that lead to injuries, sometimes severe ones.


In the United States, many states, including New Jersey, have laws that protect people hurt in commercial environments such as a grocery store or retail outlet. For this reason, commercial property owners and operators carry property insurance.

You deserve and are entitled to restitution for your suffering, especially if your injuries were sustained on commercial premises due to negligence. To ensure fair compensation, determining fault and negligence is a crucial part of building your case. To ensure your case is well represented, many factors need to be examined, such as the scene of the accident and any evidence to help determine negligence.

The first step in building your case and ensuring you are justly compensated is obtaining the best premises liability attorney available to you. The right attorney will investigate thoroughly, educate you in all matters pertaining to your case, and ensure you can focus on returning to health while they concentrate on the details of your case.