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Nearly a dozen fatal New Jersey motorcycle crashes in two months

With Memorial Day weekend’s passage, we enter into the summer months, with warmer temperatures, a break from school, barbecues, boardwalk festivities and Jersey Shore activities abounding. And with the beautiful days and neon nights, those of us with motorcycles feel the great desire to strap on a helmet and get out on the roads, leaving our cares behind.

However, with the increase in motorcycle activity comes an increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. In fact, in just two months, reports indicate that there were 10 fatalities involving motorcycle accidents on New Jersey roads.

Data from 2014 shows that out of the more than 500 fatal wrecks in New Jersey that year, 60 involved motorcycles.

And after reviewing the 10 spanning the months of April and May, several involve other vehicles or other factors that may have been outside of the motorcycle rider’s ability to avoid. One that stood out was a refrigerator in the path of the motorcycle.

Debris in the road, poorly lit roads, inattentive motorists and reckless drivers all can contribute to the deaths of our friends and loved ones on motorcycles. There is an entire level of vulnerability that too few really consider until it is too late.

If you were hurt or if you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident on a New Jersey area road, you probably have questions. If you believe someone should be held accountable for the death or injury, you may be right. A New Jersey attorney can review the accident. After causation is determined, compensation can be pursued. It won’t stop the pain and it won’t end the suffering, but it could help perpetrate a precedence of awareness when it comes to motorcycles on the road.

Source: NJ.com, “At least 10 fatal motorcycle crashes in 2 months on N.J. roads,” Alex Napoliello, June 1, 2016