Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Removing insult from injury

When you have been hurt on the job, the very thing you looked to in order to provide for your family becomes the very thing that stands to become your family’s detriment.

When you have been injured in an automobile accident by a recklessly negligent driver, you may have been one confusing acronym or overused emoji away from a headstone. TTYL. RIP.

When you sacrifice fashion for practicality and choose flats over heels during pregnancy and still end up belly down on the floor in a gas station, that puddle from the ice maker can become deep enough to drown your hopes for the child within you.

When the airbag meant to protect your loved ones from harm becomes a shrapnel bomb turning a fender bender into a fatality, the irony is just too much.

And when you go to your insurance, before speaking to an attorney, the very company you based your trust upon and handed gobs of money to over the course of your adult life, may sadly become another irony. A denial, or a minuscule figure; an insult in the midst of vast injury.

This is where Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C. can come in and remedy this domino effect of tragic irony. For over three decades, these personal injury attorneys have fought for the rights and the compensation people just like you deserve. There is little doubt that a company will, as a whole, feel guilt, sympathy or empathy and willingly hand over the money you are owed. However, they do know the magnitude of the situation and when presented with an aggressive and firm attorney that isn’t going anywhere until damages are justly awarded, you may find the insult can be removed from the injury.