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Filing a complaint with OSHA

Your job is your livelihood. It may not be your joy, and it may not be your passion. However, it is behind what drives so many of us to joy and passion, it offers us a way to support our dreams and our pursuit of happiness. That happiness typically comes from good health, a loving family, adventure, travel and vacations or even a great book. When the means to the end leaves you fearing it might mean your end, you may work in hazardous conditions, and you may benefit from contacting the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

A closer look at rabies contracted by dog bites

When you are attacked by an animal, you are at real risk. Risk beyond the immediate damage; even beyond the psychological trauma that may result. With the recent coyote attacks on animals and humans reported in Bergen County, it stands to assume that animals who are not current on their vaccinations have an increased likelihood of contracting the rabies virus from wildlife and altercations with rabid animals. The threat of rabies via a dog bite is serious and it is deadly. If you've been bitten by a dog, don't wait to seek medical attention, even if the wound does not seem immediately life-threatening.

You deserve to not be thrown in harm's way

Some people are accident prone. They can walk down a perfectly level sidewalk on a sunny day and find a way to slip and fall. In situations such as that, no one is at fault. There was a misstep and any injury resulting would not be the responsibility of anyone other than the injured party and his or her insurance, when necessary and available.

Driver lives and passenger dies after motorcycle crash

Motorcycles are inherently at a disadvantage when compared to other vehicles on the roadway. However, the advantages they offer--like fuel economy, speed, agility and ability to weave through traffic often make them a preferred choice for many motorists who might otherwise have to turn to public transit.

How can you avoid a denial of your workers' comp claim?

Although the purpose of the workers' compensation system is to protect and provide for workers who have been injured, covering medical expenses and lost wages, it can be a complicated process to maneuver, and just one misstep can lead to the entire claim being denied. What can you do to ensure that you will get the benefits that you need and have a right to?

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