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Driver lives and passenger dies after motorcycle crash

Motorcycles are inherently at a disadvantage when compared to other vehicles on the roadway. However, the advantages they offer–like fuel economy, speed, agility and ability to weave through traffic often make them a preferred choice for many motorists who might otherwise have to turn to public transit.

One motorcycle exiting the Lincoln Tunnel recently experienced the sort of danger that results in a fatality. It was around three in the morning when the motorcycle hit a wall while exiting the tunnel coming into New Jersey. A Brooklyn woman and a Hyde Park man were both thrown from the motorcycle, subsequently landing on the road. The woman was only 23, and she died as a result of her injuries. The man was 35, and he was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

What caused the motorcycle to crash into a wall? Was there alcohol involved? Why was the passenger on the motorcycle with the man? Was there debris on the road? Was another motorist involved? An investigation will likely determine whether the driver will face charges or not. In motorcycle accidents, there are so many variables that can play a major part in an accident’s cause.

If you have been injured on a motorcycle or if your loved one has lost his or her life because of a motorcycle accident, those variables and the causation behind the accident may make a difference in whether or not damages could be awarded and someone or some entity could be held accountable. There is a lot of healing that must take place after an accident such as this, either by the victim or by the family of a victim, and a New Jersey attorney may be able to ease many financial concerns in order to allow for that healing.

Source: NJ.com, “Woman killed in Lincoln Tunnel motorcycle crash identified,” Jeff Goldman, July 28, 2016