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After workers comp: Now what?

Workers’ compensation entitles you to lost wages when you have been hurt at work. What happens, though, when you run out of benefits? Or when your injuries are so severe that you can’t return to work? There may be options to help you recoup your financial future.

What are my options?

Workers’ compensation pays for medical bills and lost wages when you have either been hurt on the job, or have an injury that is job related: For example, carpel tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injury. It’s not your fault you were hurt at work. You and your family should not have to suffer financially. Fortunately, there may be another option for financial recovery.

Personal Injury claims

There are some circumstances where a claim for something other than workers’ compensation can provide extra financial support. Personal injury claims can be another source of revenue depending on the circumstances.

Do you work as a contractor? If you were on an assignment and hurt yourself, the company where you are assigned could be liable for part of your injuries if they were somehow responsible. For example, if you were walking into work and slipped on a particularly icy patch of sidewalk that they did not clear–sustaining back and neck injuries–their negligence might create an opportunity for you to receive financial recompense.

Are you a salesperson that regularly makes calls to other businesses? If you were on-site at another company and fell down the stairs due to a loose board or step, you may have a claim against that business.

Or perhaps you drive for work–as a delivery person, or over-the-road trucker. If you were in a car accident while driving for work, the other driver and their insurance may be liable to you for damages. These are just a few examples of how a personal injury claim and a worker’s comp claim can co-exist together.

How can I know if I have both claims?

The only sure way to know if you have both a workers’ compensation and personal injury case is to consult with an attorney who practices in both areas. Your attorney can review the circumstances of your injury and if applicable, pursue a case on your behalf ensuring that you get the money to which you are entitled.