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How to prove fault in states without dog bite laws

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2016 | Animal Bites

Dog attacks can inflict physical as well as emotional suffering on an individual. In states where dog bite laws do not exist, victims are required to show that the pet owner had knowledge of their pet’s aggressive tendency. While most dog attacks may be viewed as accidents, some dogs are naturally predisposed to attack strangers.

There are certain factors that can verify if the owner knew about the animal’s aggression. Certain breeds of dogs are more inclined to aggression than others, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. Moreover, the size of a dog can also increase chances of causing an injury. If the animal was kept by the owner for the purpose of protection and was trained to attack strangers, then you may infer that the owner knew about the dog’s vicious nature.

To make a strong case, you may have to rely on a number of factors when proving fault on the part of the pet owner. Dog bites may cause severe scarring and damage that might affect your professional and personal life. While compensation from the owner might not reduce the trauma caused by the incident, it may allow you to focus on healing without stressing about medical expenses or lost wages.

If you have sustained injuries in a dog bite attack then consulting an experienced attorney may benefit you. In order to receive compensation for your damages, you may have to gather evidence to support your claim. A lawyer might help you build a strong case to prove fault in states where dog bite laws do not exist.