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What to do if your new motorcycle has defects

Buying a motorcycle is often a dream for many. It is no secret that investing in a motorcycle can be an expensive affair. You may feel that it is worth all the hassle and money once you get to use your new motorcycle. Now imagine, that after having made such a hefty investment, you find your new motorbike has a defect. Not only do you not get to ride the bike you’ve been anticipating for weeks, but now you’ve got to face a whole new set of problems.

Although large-scale manufacturing companies have strict quality assurance guidelines and international laws to follow, there is always a chance that your product may come out less than perfect. In such cases, because the company’s reputation can be at stake, you can request a recall where the company can replace either the defective part of the product or even the entire unit. The most common recalls are associated with non-compliance with federal safety standards. In such a situation, the manufacturer is required to file a public report by law.

But even if you were unaware that there may have been something wrong with your motorcycle, manufacturers are required by law to immediately notify you and file a report of the problem while arranging a replacement free of any cost.

In such cases, seeking guidance from a legal counsel is not only a good idea, but is strongly advised because companies typically have a legion of lawyers who may try to thwart your claim. Hiring an attorney to safeguard your rights would prove to be in your best interests.