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Target ball gets loose, wreaks havoc in parking lot

They say truth is often stranger than fiction and that was certainly the case in early February at a Target store in Paramus. A loose Target ball, those gigantic red cement balls outside of Target stores, came loose and rolled through the parking lot, slamming into one woman's car and wreaking havoc: to the tune of $3,500.

What does workers' compensation cover?

When you're injured at work, your employer should provide workers' compensation, regardless of who is at fault. Employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance, which is designed to cover a variety of things:

  • Medical Care. Workers' compensation should cover everything you need to recover from your injury. That could include prescriptions, doctors bills and the cost of getting to and from an¬†appointment.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation. Some injuries are severe enough that the injured person is no longer able to do the job. In those cases, workers' compensation covers new vocational training so that the worker can find comparable employment.
  • Temporary disability. Most injuries will keep the injured party away from work for some period of time. Workers' compensation provides for at least partial wages during this time.
  • Permanent disability. If the worker can never return to work, there may be a cash settlement involved. The settlement will be based on a number of factors.

Handling the aftermath of a motorcycle accident

The probability of a motorcyclist fatality occurring is more than 25 times that of deaths in other vehicles. The reason is that motorcycles offer minimal protection and the balance of the bike ultimately relies on the rider's skills. Therefore, motorcyclists need to cultivate the habit of defensive riding and wearing proper protection to control the consequences of motorcycle accidents. In New Jersey, you must own a helmet that meets the safety standards of the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Authorized helmets help to prevent brain injury in the event of a motorcycle crash.

All You Should Know About Accidents on Private or Public Property

Under the New Jersey law, you can file a compensation claim if you are injured, or you lose a loved due to dangerous conditions or defects on someone's premises. Since you will negotiate the settlement with the owner of the property or their insurance carrier, it is vital for you to know your rights. The law requires property owners to take measures, which ensure safety to visitors and employees. Proprietors are liable to pay victims if accidents happen because of negligence, faulty design or uncontrolled temporary hazards.

Dog bites: what can you get compensation for?

Approximately 1,000 United States citizens sustain dog bite injuries daily and nearly 4.7 million are bit every year. But only a small percentage files lawsuits. If a dog bites you in New Jersey, you have up to two years to file a lawsuit. The court will ultimately dismiss your case if you file a complaint after this period lapses. You are eligible for compensation whether a dog bites you in a private or a public place. This condition applies whether or not the dog had shown prior aggressive behavior, regardless of the owner's knowledge.

What to you do if your employer is disputing your WC claim

You've worked for years, giving the best of your abilities to your employer. You consider yourself hardworking, and you believed your employer had respect for the job you did. Then, suddenly, you suffered an injury at work. Maybe it was the culmination of many years of repetitive stress, or perhaps it was an accident, such as a fall.

Don't suffer in silence when you could get workers' compensation

It is a fact that the most responsible and dedicated workers are often the ones who are called upon the shoulder the heaviest loads when on the job. This can be especially true for those who work in the construction industry and other fields that require a great deal of physical exertion.  But if you do work in a labor intensive environment, you are also very vulnerable to suffer an injury.

Domestic animals and bite injury case

Having been involved in an animal bite case can be a traumatic experience. While most cases are accidental, negligence on part of animal owners can result in serious injuries and physical pain for the victim. A decision to file a legal claim for the animal bite injury may vary depending on the kind of animal involved in the incident.

How Somerville Lawyers Can Resolve a Dog Bite Claim for You

Owners of animals, like dogs, have the responsibility of confining them so that they do not attack innocent residents. In Somerville, the Statutes of New Jersey hold a dog's owner liable for dog bite injuries caused to a person, and the victim can file a dog bite claim. However, you must not have been trespassing on the dog owner's property at the time of the attack. The dog bite law is limited to bites, but you can file negligence claims for other types of injuries.

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