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All You Should Know About Accidents on Private or Public Property

Under the New Jersey law, you can file a compensation claim if you are injured, or you lose a loved due to dangerous conditions or defects on someone’s premises. Since you will negotiate the settlement with the owner of the property or their insurance carrier, it is vital for you to know your rights. The law requires property owners to take measures, which ensure safety to visitors and employees. Proprietors are liable to pay victims if accidents happen because of negligence, faulty design or uncontrolled temporary hazards.

Business people often focus on maximizing profits by minimizing expenditure. Therefore, they sometimes compromise public safety. You can find a building with exposed electrical cables, inadequate lighting, wet floors, hidden potholes or crumbling ceilings with owners ignoring these hazards hoping that nobody gets hurt. This kind of negligence can eventually lead to catastrophic accidents. Below are some scenarios where you can file premises liability claims.

  • Fire on the job or in a business property
  • Slip-and-fall accidents in shopping malls
  • Assault while on a private or public property
  • Being knocked down by a car at a parking lot
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Injuries while working at a construction site
  • Drowning in swimming pools
  • Poisoning from lead paints and solvents
  • Dog and other animal bites
  • Playground and Gym accidents

Property owners must maintain safe conditions for their workers and the public. Premises liability accidents happen abruptly, and the victims are not prepared to handle the consequences. Most people do not understand their rights, so they deal with the injuries on their own without involving property owners. Premises accidents can cause substantial pain, require medical attention, lead to temporary or permanent disability or even death. They can drain your finances through treatment and lost wages due to inability to work.

If you sustain injuries due to conditions on someone’s property, call an attorney from a reputable law firm known for handling premises liability claims. The lawyer will protect you from exploitation by the property owner or his or her insurance company. You cannot be sure that the insurance companies will compensate you. In fact, they work relentlessly to see your claim fail. An experienced lawyer knows how to evaluate the extent of the damage and to equate it to the right amount of compensation. If you negotiate with the insurance company without a lawyer, the chances are that you will settle for a raw deal or nothing at all.