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How Somerville Lawyers Can Resolve a Dog Bite Claim for You

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Animal Bites

Owners of animals, like dogs, have the responsibility of confining them so that they do not attack innocent residents. In Somerville, the Statutes of New Jersey hold a dog’s owner liable for dog bite injuries caused to a person, and the victim can file a dog bite claim. However, you must not have been trespassing on the dog owner’s property at the time of the attack. The dog bite law is limited to bites, but you can file negligence claims for other types of injuries.

Your reluctance to seek legal action when a dog attacks you can be understood, more so when the dog belongs to a neighbor or a friend. But it is not petty to consider a litigation process. Remember that you will be dealing with pain and suffering, monetary loss in medical treatment, scarring, and emotional distress. In some cases, you have to adjust to an entirely different life if the injuries result in disability. The dog’s owner, or the insurance company if the dog is insured, should indemnify you for personal injury and related damages as that’s what the law requires of them.

You cannot afford to suffer for someone’s negligence. If a vicious dog attacks you, call a dog bite attorney immediately to take up the issue. You will need aggressive and professional legal representation of a skilled lawyer to file a compensation lawsuit against the dog’s owner insurance carrier. Such a claim will have nothing much to do with the owner of the dog. Therefore you should not feel like you are hurting your relationship with the dog’s owner. Most Somerville dog bite injuries attorneys represent you on a contingency basis. They ask for a commission only if their representation bears fruits. Hence, you should not suffer in silence for fear of the cost of the attorney’s service.

Your personal injury claim lawyer will gather evidence to strengthen your case, and he or she will fight relentlessly to achieve a reasonable compensation deal from the insurance company. The law firm can also liaise with certified physicians for professional treatment and request them to exempt you from billing until the case is resolved. Documents from the physicians will be part of evidence. Attorneys sometimes negotiate the cost of the bills to save you money. Your attorney will help you to recover the lost wages for the time you have not been able to work.