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What to you do if your employer is disputing your WC claim

You’ve worked for years, giving the best of your abilities to your employer. You consider yourself hardworking, and you believed your employer had respect for the job you did. Then, suddenly, you suffered an injury at work. Maybe it was the culmination of many years of repetitive stress, or perhaps it was an accident, such as a fall.

Whatever the reason, you’re now unable to work as you recover. You’ve done what you knew you should. You reported the injury to your employer and then filed a state claim. Now, as you’re trying to get better, you find out that your employer is disputing your claim.

What is a disputed workers’ compensation claim?

If it’s disputed by your employer, that can be particularly upsetting. That could mean that either your employer believes you are lying about your injury or they are lying to avoid the fallout of a workers’ compensation claim. After you’ve worked for them for years, that can hurt. You can contest a disputed claim. You have the right to present evidence that your injuries are work related and your claim for workers’ compensation is valid. Working with an attorney is the best way to handle a disputed claim.

They can request a formal or informal hearing, which can lead to a full trial. This will provide you with an opportunity to show your side of the story and present evidence to support your claim. An attorney working on your behalf can file a motion for temporary benefits to help you receive the treatment you need while you’re waiting.

Why are workers’ compensation claims disputed?

There are a number of reasons your employer may dispute your claim. Even if you take steps to avoid the most obvious issues that cause denials, it can still happen. In such as situation, you should speak with an experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Often, a misunderstanding could lead to a dispute about workers’ compensation. Other times, an employer may not realize how an injury relates to your work. Sometimes, employers worry about insurance costs and other issues. Whatever the reason, you need an attorney as soon as you know about it.

An attorney can guide you through the process of filing a claim or requesting a hearing if your claim is disputed by your employer. He or she can help you gather and then present evidence regarding your case. An attorney can negotiate with your employer, perhaps convincing them to withdraw their dispute.