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4 common types of construction injuries

Everyone’s job is different, so some people face hazards that others never see. Working in construction, you’re exposed to many hazards ranging from electrical perils to dangers from large equipment. Knowing these hazards and the threat they pose helps you stay safe. Here are four dangers that many construction workers face.

1. Construction injuries from falls

If you work on a ladder, on scaffolding or on top of a building or structure, you’re at risk of falling. Falls are some of the most common construction injuries. Falls from cranes, ladders and other structures poses the threat of head injuries, broken bones, lacerations and even death in some cases.

2. Injuries from fires and explosions

Whether it’s from a pressurized canister that ruptured or too many grain particles in a mill, a fire or explosion threatens your life. You could suffer burns or inhale dangerous substances. Make sure your workplace has a safety protocol and emergency evacuation procedure in place for fire- or explosion-related accidents.

3. Injuries from collapsing trenches

If you work in trenches, mines or even an unsteady building, it’s possible to be caught in a collapse. A collapse has the potential to crush you, trap you under rubble and cause serious injuries or death. These collapses often happen suddenly and unexpectedly. To help prevent collapses, trenches should have protective equipment inside to help support the sides. Additionally, an all-clear signal should go out before any building is demolished.

4. Injuries from equipment

Many kinds of equipment cause injuries. In factories, equipment with blades cause lacerations if not properly guarded, and large equipment, like forklifts, have the potential to pin or crush employees. Those who work with the same equipment in repetitive motions may suffer injuries from those movements, while those working with heavy items could strain their backs or injure their joints.

Many types of injuries plague the construction industry. To help prevent them, each workplace needs to have a strong safety procedure. For instance, new employees need training on equipment before they use it.

These are just four of many kinds of injuries that workers in the construction industry face. Whether you’re hurt as a result of another person’s negligence or because of dangerous equipment and hazards in the workplace, you can make a claim for workers’ compensation. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other needs while you recover. Your attorney can help you learn more about the benefits you deserve after an accident.