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Elderly woman hits motorcycle

While New Jersey residents who love to ride motorcycles may be able to enjoy the thrill of the open air and the open road, they must also navigate the dangers of sharing the road with larger, heavier vehicles. Regardless of who has the right of way, when an accident occurs between a motorcyle and car, truck, sport utility vehicle or a commercial vehicle, it is the motorcyclist who stands to be hurt the most.

Two people who were riding a motorcycle on a Sunday evening in Ocean County recently are more than well aware of this reality. A woman who is 85 years old was driving along a stretch of Route 530 when she ran her car into a bike carrying two people. After hitting the motorcycle, the elderly woman also hit an SUV with her car. Neither the driver of the car or the driver of the SUV were injured in the crash.

However, both the driver and the passenger on the motorcycle were injured and required hospitalization. The driver experienced internal injuries in the abdominal area while the passenger’s arm and head were both injured in the wreck. There are no details indicating whether any citations were issued or if fatigue, impairment or other factors contributed to the accident.

Motorcyclists who are injured by car drivers may find it beneficial to talk with a lawyer to learn about their options for seeking compensation to help with their injuries and recovery.

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