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Inattentive drivers can harm others on the roadway

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Blog

The interstates are often dangerous roads simply because of the number of vehicles on them and the speeds at which they travel. Having inattentive drivers on the interstates increases the chance that an accident will occur.

It is bad enough when a passenger vehicle causes an accident, but the effects are often worse when a semitruck is involved. Truckers need to take steps to prevent accidents from occurring because of their actions. Here are some causes of semitruck crashes that all drivers should be aware of:

Trucker distraction

A distracted trucker can’t pay full attention to the road. This could mean that they don’t see cars stopping or slowing down ahead of them. These truckers might swerve or drift into another lane without even realizing what is going on.

Distractions come in many forms. Some truckers might be distracted by a meal or the radio. Thinking about events at home can distract a trucker as can trying to listen to a communication on the CB. Smartphones are another source of distraction that can be a serious problem.

Trucker fatigue

Truckers who are fatigued can cause accidents. Not all fatigue comes from lack of sleep, although that can certainly contribute. Driving on a very familiar route or in a hot and stuffy cab can lead to fatigue. Medical conditions and highway hypnosis are also contributing factors. Truckers who sleep during the day and travel at night might also suffer from fatigue.

Improperly secured cargo

Cargo in the semitruck should be secured properly. The issue with a load that isn’t properly secured is that it can shift, which can lead the entire truck to be affected. There is also a chance that the cargo would come off of the truck. This could strike another vehicle or it could lead to a hazard in the roadway.

Other drivers’ actions

Of course, not all semitruck crashes are the result of each trucker’s actions. Other drivers on the roadway can cause semitruck crashes. This if often the case if another vehicle cuts in front of the semitruck without considering the fact that it takes semitrucks longer to stop and maneuver around obstacles. Drivers shouldn’t ever try to squeeze in between semitrucks or dart right in front of them.

Ultimately, the cause of the semitruck crash can play a part in what you do to seek compensation. Investigating the cause of the accident could help determine who should be held liable for the crash.